A new kind of flower arrives, as the season's roll on in the wheel of years...

Yes, the time is rolling on...

Beautiful photo! I am a sucker for portrait photos...

Thanks! Who isn't.

Awesome and stylish photo!

Thank you!

beautiful flower @ratatoskwestgoth..

Thank you!

Pink color
also love photography because photography is a name of art name of practice try to make something new something beautiful something different I like it because his relation to natur,,,


You are absolutely right. Your thought about photography is so nice.

Excellent photo my friend rataoskwestgoth

Thank you @moniroy

Please see my post me also post few photographsIMG_20180729_114536865.jpg

Simple but nice. This color of flower i like.

I am glad to hear.

See my post IMG_20180727_103233.jpg

Very pretty! really nice color. works very well


the appeal of flowers is lost. Sure, they look pretty and smell nice, but are they a functional gift.

See My Post>> Who does not like flowers?

Really good shots. I think you click this picture with mobile also click a picture you can see and tell me about itIMG_20180727_103233.jpg

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