Red Monday, Blue Cattle Dog

in colorchallenge •  10 months ago

This is my cattle dog, Birdie. She LOVES to sleep on her little bed with her red safety blanket during the day, and to alert us anytime someone walks within 400’ of the house.


This is semi-problematic, as the sidewalk is only about 25’ away, and we live in a very walkable neighborhood (Normal Heights in San Diego.)

I caught her in her “resting” position, but she can reach full ACD piercing ALERT! bark status in about .03 seconds from here.

She’s color blind (as are all dogs), so the red doesn’t mean much to her, but it makes for a nice little Red Monday pic.


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She looks so nice. A really nice photo you did there!


She's my little sweetie, thanks for the kudos!


Your welcome!

Bird dog.


The dog has sad eyes :)