Orange Wood, Green Valley — Colorado

in colorchallenge •  10 months ago

This was from high up in the Colorado mountains back in 2015. I was staying at this cabin (the Weston Pass Hut) in preparation for running the 2015 Leadville 100 mile race.


The hut is at 11,000’ and most nights it was just me and Birdie (my cattle dog) up there. We caught a few glorious sunsets, including the start of the one in this picture.

There’s only the one dirt road leading up to the hut, so the whole time it was super quiet (other than the wind and rain, which are glorious nature and soothing sounds).


Here’s a picture of the inside with a nice orange fire roaring away.


Good clean high country livin’!

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hello such greetings from aca venezuela is very good this story be in that places of nature is incredible tells you since my father and I also left the land we have in the mountains we walked through the jungle and the river to stay more in the mountains and enjoy the fishing now I have a few months that I do not go because of the situation we have here is expensive passage, it is very beautiful nature and more when it is not explored greetings, I hope proto send you some voting images in your post

That's an epic view @paleotreats :)
Shame about the power lines tho.


Fair enough, although there's definitely enough valley that you could avoid 'em. I wasn't a pilot at the time I was out there, but I've dreamt about that valley a bunch since for flying.


I'd definitely dream about a place like that, really beautiful.......... I think need to get out more lol.