Orange Glorious, Not Julius

in colorchallenge •  10 months ago

For the color challenge today I reached back into my sunrise archives and pulled up a beaut.


Far too often we forget how close beauty is, how easy it is to appreciate things with no cost but incredible value.

This was taken right outside my front door in San Diego. I didn't pay a penny for this, but you can't buy it anywhere.

Don't forget to look around and be grateful you have eyes to see the ephemeral paintings of our finest artist, Mother Nature.

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looking great


Right on, thanks so much. It was truly glorious to see it, glad I got to share it with you.


u welcm

Wow I wish I had a view like that!


We all do, sooner or later. It's just taking the time to look for it. We had a sunset tonight that was epic; these winter sunsets in Southern California remind you that we just don't have a grasp on how beautiful life can be without any add-ons.

That is quite an epic view,...... sky's on fire :)

I took one the other night in Leeds, not as fancy as yours with all those palms lol but again it looked like the sky was on fire. I'll see if I can find it............


Ahh, my phone camera didn't do it justice unfortunately.


Does it ever? ;) The nice thing about the picture is that it triggers your own memory of it. Love me some English countryside and sunrises.


Yeah, the ever changing weather here does give us some amazing views but probably lost on the majority of folks here.

I found this from a few years back, earlier one December morning. A view from back garden.

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