Meat Eating Plants & Thursday Green

in colorchallenge •  last year

Here are my sundews in all their carnivorous glory, waiting with sticky fingers for the next fly to land.


I keep them next to my compost pile, in a sunny spot. A compost pile is a living thing, and it encourages the full cycle of life around it, from death & destruction back to rebirth and renewal.

On sunny days, by 10 in the morning, there are tons of insects buzzing and flying around; eating food, laying eggs, mating, dancing 3 dimensional routes in the sky to signal to others their intention.

Luckily for my sundews, many of these little buggies get tired and thirsty, look for a place to land, and as they do they re-enter the circle of life.

This experience here on planet Earth is a glorious thing, one to be wondered at in its efficiency, neatness of cycles, and beauty of systems.

Enjoy everything that you see, wherever you see it, but remember: If you’re a tiny bug, all that glitters is not a safe resting place.

To Thursdays & meat eating plants, yeehaw!

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