Carnivorous Plants, SundayPurple, Sundews!

in colorchallenge •  10 months ago

My little carnivorous plants throw off some REALLY pretty flowers once they've had enough to eat and are ready to reproduce. Here's a pic with the ol' iPhone7 plus I took of a glorious morning "Come share my nectar!" message from sweet little sundews.


Carnis (carnivorous plants) are fun and pretty easy to grow. These “sundews” have sticky little bulbs that catch insects.

You may know them from Little Shop of Horrors; those are based on Venus fly traps, but there a bunch of different families.

An excellent resource is the book, “The Savage Garden” by Peter D’Amato.

Happy growing (amazing colors are a bonus!)

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Very nice.


Thanks dawg! Get on the color challenge, yo. :)


Im good. Working on the paragliding empire. LOL

Wow, what a beautiful photo!


Thanks! This phone makes me a way better picture-taker. :)