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in colorchallenge •  6 months ago

Those flowers seem to never get boring (to me).


And so often we just walk near by and do not notice how unique and different every and each of them are.




Until you grab your camera, and start to look a bit closer.




above pics been made by @onealfa on May 27, 2018,
with Olympus E-M1 MarkII + 12-40mm F2.8, M.Zuiko
1/160 sec, F/5.6, ISO-200 + focus stacking


Final notes:

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Well done .. wonderful work from you
I liked it, amazing picture
Thanks for sharing..

Beautifully done! Flowers are so amazing.

nice click

extraordinary composition of images, making a fragmentation, bringing a new story with each image and using majestically the effect of dew. excellent thanks for sharing.

Nature is amazing and beautiful and you certainly show it here. Incredible photos my friend.

On another note I just passed 2,000 followers and wanted to thank your support along the way.

From Glens Fall New York! -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

Most impressive flowers macro photography. Stunning much deeply @onealfa.
Resteemed your post.

That's never boring me and I telling you now It giving cool feelings to me @onealfa. Tremendous macros.
Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

Same here .They are indeed one of the gift that we have and flowers do always amazes me and taking images of them is never boring !

WOW!! Very nice captures. Thnx for sharing. Upvoted en followed!

Wow! Your photography is a catcher!
Ive never seen such a clear resolution like this that attracted me for years. The last time I was attracted to a photo and a display was the samsung galaxy tab S display ,
Your photographs have stunning resolutions @onealfa.
Keep sharing quality content.
I would also like to know more about colour challenge and how you get to know the colour of the day! Thank you !

Absolutely beautiful colours..truely stunning and unique..great capture 💛

This flowers are so beautiful sir thanks a lot for sharing,have a great day.

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tbh I like this challenges, very nice photos you sir

Wonderful photography....
Flowers are always beautiful....
Upvoted and Resteemed....

Wow! Your photos are amazing! Great work @onealfa.

I like the purity and expressiveness of this photo, the color also fit very nicely

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wow,..the pictures proved who you are.
you have great sense of the pictures very much..thanks for sharing sir..

Gorgeous photos. I love flowers in every color and shape and you have captured these flowers wonderfully in their essence.

I love your yellow flowers. In South Africa we have yellow daisies that grows everywhere like weed!!
Would be nice if you check out my yellow contribution for today :-)

Wow BEAUTIFUL shots! I too believe there’s so much beauty in the little details that make up nature. Flowers 💐 are beautiful! 🤗 thank you for sharing!

Nice photos, thanks for share that wonderful, beautiful and curious flowers, I invited you to visit my blog @mjoa. Congrats for these pictures

Wow beautiful shots, it definitely brightened up my day. Thank you for sharing.

Wow! Very nice shots!

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wow really amazing pics you have. they spress many nice things.

beautiful shots you have there!

Wow so beautiful photography..

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Amazing view! Very detailed!

Awesome photography. water drops on flower that looks amazing.

I love the water drop! So fresh :)))

Amazing flowers with amazing photography sir.

Amazing! I really appreciate the beauty of flowers @onealfa

An incredible color Really beautiful catches

Beautiful macros, my friend. These colors convey true feelings and appreciate this close-up photographs makes us think that nature is infinite, it is peace...

very nice friend @onealfa.

Wonderful, I will not say anything else

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this flower is very beautiful, also in blanket of dew that is very cool, so this flower is very beautiful.

So pretty.You did really good taking the pictures.

Nice pictures so attractive

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These are some really nice captures @onealfa, the color and focus is superb. The water droplets are so clear it's making me thirsty! haha Great job upped and followed!

At home we grow food and we also have some flowers; and it is true what you say we never get tired of seeing them.

See how they bloom, how they develop, how the animals come to visit them and help them reproduce is a real pleasure.

It is an experience that brings back peace and teaches us to see how spectacular, intelligent and beautiful nature is.

Here I leave the picture of a flower that recently sprouted in my house.

We do not have a camera or a technique as spectacular as yours, but I hope you like itWhatsApp Image 2018-05-13 at 8.22.23 AM.jpeg

I love your philosophy of macro shots flowers!!

Pretty similar to mine when it comes to scuba-diving .. that there's always something worth seeing if you willing to see it!

Gorgeous shots! The drops with reflections are amazing! Well done, @onealfa! :)