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This is a view towards my house from the home (spot) of the mushrooms.
The same mushrooms I have posted a few days ago.

{click for full size}

Gear: Olympus E-M1 MarkII + KOWA Prominar 8.5mm F/2.8 wide lens
No tripod, no flash, 1/90 sec, F/5.6 , ISO-800

Picture was taken by @onealfa on AUG 15, 2017
If you like my shots, check my blog @onealfa . There are some more. Then you can upvote & follow me, better yet -resteem

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Beautiful. I know this spot. :)

This is an awesome place to live.
Silence, green around you and peace from the family is all you can wish :)


Well...I must admit, this is exactly what we got here. And I can't ask for more...

Adorable nature, so green and juicy :)I bet the air in there is very fresh.


Vilnius is in the TOP-10 of the most clean air of the world's capital cities. And we are at the extream of this - living in the pine tree woods, on the edge of the city. Few days later I will upload some videos made at my place from above, with my new drone. Stay tuned...

Another wonderful photograpy by @onealfa

Upvoted and resteemed...



Thanks so much for your resteem , @dinisanda

nice shot sir, upvoted and resteemed


Thanks so much for your resteem , @atechforu

Dear @onealfa
Your photography is very good. Your talent and high quality camera help for your success.
Thanks for sharing.
voted and resteemed.


Thanks so much for your resteem , @jayantha

A very well taken philosophical photo. It looks good. Resteem and upvoted


Thanks so much for your resteem , @yaanivapeji

upvoted and resteemed, i love nature beauty, thanks for sharing


Thanks so much for your resteem , @maryambibi

Where you look green everywhere. Very nice place in the middle of the forest.



nicely taken shot :)

Damn, you took a great place to live, surrounded by all those trees :D

I think it's quite calm place to live here🙄

Wow it looks lovely,,,,,,

Wow you are so blessed to live in this tranquil haven :)

Graži nuotrauka, patinka žalios ir juodos spalvų kontrastas ;)