ColorChallenge - Monday Red. 📷 Red poppy

in colorchallenge •  5 months ago

Red is one of the most frequent colors in flowers.


{click for full size}

​These pictures were taken by @onealfa on JUNE 1, 2018, in Botanical Garden of Vilnius University, Lithuania

​Gear: Olympus E-M1 MarkII & 12-40mm F2.8, M.Zuiko 1/1250sec, F/2.8, ISO-200

!steemitworldmap 54.733155 lat 25.405592 long Botanical Garden of Vilnius University, Lithuania D3SCR


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i like your post ..

you take pictures with good quality, and how to explain a very simple, ...
your post is best...


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Your photos are so beautifuly captured that you inspired me to try and take photos. It may not come close to as beautiful as this but I hope to give it a try. Thank you!


That is the way to go !

Check out some good inspiration quotes at @sandstorm


Yes this is exactly what it should be. Thank you once again for motivating. :)

The colors are wonderful and well done .. I like it looks delicious
Thank you for sharing your recipe with us‏..

You changed my life, talent! :0


lovely flowers



Thanks a lot for your RESTEEM @forybay9

Wow so beautiful photography.


Thanks a lot for your RESTEEM @avagado

(1)This color might be the most frequent color but these photographs by you are more dear to my heart. Magnificent color sir @onealfa.

(2)This kind of shot and photographic skill is pure, cute and merry to my heart.

(3) What depth of field did you choose for this shot sir ?

Thank you.
(Upvoted & Resteemed)


Thanks a lot for your RESTEEM @littymumma

WOW... So wonderful photography....
Upvoted and Resteem...


Thanks a lot for your RESTEEM @pallabbanik

me encantan estos contrastes waoo que belleza


Thanks a lot for your RESTEEM @valeria22

Red is probably the most frequent color in flowers.

Yeah I agree with you @onealfa. But there's has red and orange color mixing flower. However your effort big valuable. Thanks


Thanks a lot for your RESTEEM @templeflower

This color very near to orange one @onealfa. However most impressive macro.
Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.


Thanks a lot for your RESTEEM @kingsberry

Such a adorable looks indeed amazing photography @onealfa.
Just excellent shots. Resteemed your post.


Thanks a lot for your RESTEEM @dragonking

Wow it is really. wonderful photography sir
Upvote Resteem


Thanks a lot for your RESTEEM @shavishtha

Gran post

Красивые цветы. На фото хорошо отразились цвета. Камера у вас хорошая)))

The color is indeed vibrant and amazing shots buddy !

Liked them very much

Red is beautiful in flowers, as is that rose. Nice picture @onealfa.

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flowers are very beautiful to behold @onealfa

Beautiful shoot! This colors are awesome!

Beautiful shoot! This colors are awesome!

I love strong colors, they allow you to lift your spirits, beautiful shots.

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They're so beautiful, love the purple circle at the center!

Amazing photos, thank you for posting!

Red is the great clarifier - bright and revealing. I can't imagine becoming bored with red - it would be like becoming bored with the person you love.

Beautiful flower! great photos!

The shoot is beautiful a great photography looks very original to me

Beautiful photo of a red poppy. Red poppy gives a good mood ??
А живу рядом, в Латвии. У нас тоже литовцы строят свой бизнес.


Thanks a lot for your RESTEEM @eduards

this seems incredible and amazing wow such a nice shot you have shared
: )

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Love the red of the poppy. It is one of the sweetest colors in nature.

Wow...Amazing photo...

Wow its a colorful flowers. sir your choose is so beautiful.

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I think yellow is one of the most common colour of flowers, it's makes the flower most visible to the insects who are needed to bring pollen to the's my opinion may be it wrong??? what u say

Excellent.The beauty of nature is flower.It can make you smile.It can reduce your sorrows.Thanks a lot for sharing such a beauty with all.

I like those photos, I congratulate you!

amazing shots
Nature at his finest!

The equation has been solved 😍😍😍
What if we took permissions to love a beautiful photo such as these?
Nice post sir.

A strong picture of flowers^^

beautiful photography.

One more good post, I am reading form @onealfa,, nice shots


Hermosa foto,los detalles que se observan me impresionan!


Tal vez está bien. Pero, ¿por qué no escribir en inglés? Este diario no es español

What an eye touching photography you shared @onealfa these are my heart favorite flowers. Of course Nature has provided us with so many varieties. we need to enjoy and the beauty of such flowers bring us such joy with their incredible colors and fragrances. We all love flowers and appreciate their incredible beauty

What a perfect choice of color .and photography ,i bet my own father can not take such shoots.

really nice


I love that flower friend good job excellent post congratulations

Red flower is love.

Wow your photos are amazing :) you are very talented.