Friday Blue

in colorchallenge •  3 months ago

It's Friday and time for another color challenge.

We still enjoying the great weather but the forecast for a couple of days is not promising. It supposes to be a rainy weekend.

Will see how it goes.

Because of that, I decided to show you some new shots.


Blue skies and blue scooters.


Despite the sun and heat colors are still bright.

Or maybe these flowers have a good and careful gardener.


The tourist attraction and the magnet for photographers in the town of Karlobag.


Standing strong and firm even after wildfire.


Ready for the night party.


The classic sight in Dalmatia.


Nature at work.


Sun or rain. I don't care.

We are ready for both.

The last weekend before school begin is here again.

Don't waste it.

Life is short, my friends.

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All this blue collection for colorchallenge is very beautiful.

your great series of blue made me shocked , great job .

Great Photography 👍

beautiful sunshine

howdy sir oldtimer! yes sir life is short so go to Dalmatia! I don't know if I'd ever come back! fabulous photos again sir!

These scenes are so very motivating. Especially that first one, last the blue and palm trees. Paradise indeed.

Blue is the sign of romance !
And red ?

Nice shots, I especially like the ones with lots of blue sky.

Here is one of my own blue sky shots. This one is of "1 World Trade Center" in New York next to the 9/11 memorial shortly before they completed building it.


That's very beautiful @oldtimer
Life is only once, use our time well and don't forget to have fun, because tomorrow is not certain we can feel the same.😁

I love blue colour and the weather out there looks awesome

You have a very cool post. In which every color appears blue


You have a very
Cool post. In which every
Color appears blue

                 - ahlawat

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Hard to believe it would ever rain with that cloudless blue sky!

UaU, que incrível!

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Hello friend, I take again the network and I have given a pleasure reviewing your publications, photographs taken with care to share with your followers, I am captivated by the league of colors, the green with the incredible blue, also your phrase "life is short "It turns my life around and I reflect on this new lesson in life. I must live each moment with intensity, and leave aside the regrets, which does not mean forgetting but it is better to let them rest in peace. Thanks for such good advice friend, @oldtimer

Great shot man !!

That shot looking out at the view of the canon is really cool. Imagine those water full of ships during bustling sea days of past. That house up on the hill overlooking everything must have amazing views.

Beautiful eclectic blue collection. I like the way the black cannon reflects the blue sky!

Amazing picture and nice collection. Scooters colour is too bright and blue is my favourite color. Blue lighting is gorgeous. Thanks to give this nice gift.