ColorChallenge - Monday Random Red

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My old followers will probably recognize some of the photos in this post. I used them mostly individually for color challenge contests.

I bundled them all together for all my new followers to see them.


Summer red.


Winter red.


Plastic red.


Old red


New red.


Just a red bridge.

Steemit is blooming. Check out some statistic from @penguinpablo.

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Amazing...I am in love with the flowers

really a nice photographer..

I like a lot of red colors. And the photos and red. The pictures are very good. @oldtimer

The scenery is very beautiful I like it very much

I enjoyed scrolling down and seeing each new part of your adventure...almost like I went on the walk with you! Keep up the great work! Beautiful photos! @oldtimer

this photos are realy beautyfull .specialy Old Red. @oldtimer

wow, great photography, I really like posting @oldtimer.

My dear @oldtimer I love it this post, all the pictures are so wonderful

very beautyfull click .. bt Summer Red is more then beautyfull @oldtimer

Red is so lovely


It is an emotionally intense colour

hello friend steemins very good post I congratulate you I hope you continue like this

Roses are red!
I just fell in love with that ferrari.

Your photos are just dope, clean.
Have a wonderful red monday

Winter red, najviše mi se dopada, često se srećem sa sličnim slikama prilikom odlaska na posao. Ali, tako je dobra i Summer red, gde cvetovi bez punih latica pokazuje da iako nije sve idealno u životu, ipak je lepo.
To je ono što privlači ljude ovim fotografijama, prirodnost.

I love red...and I only remember seeing 2 of these, so I am glad you posted them today. They brightened my evening!


Thanks. I'm glad to hear that.

Woah, amazing post and great pictures. red for each occasion.

wow all photography ar so good. thanks @oldtimer

They look so beautiful and colourful.

good jod friend. i like your all photo. @oldtimer

Very professional photo capture, red is my favorite color and makes life spirits become brighter, keep the spirit in adventure and still take good photos.

Heey iam a new follower . Stunning idea to gather them here and Red is a desirable color

lovely photos, perfect for today's color challenge

Red has always been my favorite color, and these pictures do it justice. Well done.

Wow amazing red,red is brave

Nice red Monday collection... I imagine the Porsche zooming over this bridge while hugging the curve!


We need to wait for another four months at least. It's kind of icy lately.


Ha ha... that would not hug very well!

  ·  last year (edited)

Porsche with winter tires; common?


Love your photography! The detailing in the photos are amazing!!

wow..beautiful..what i understood from this post is sir that even though it is the same colour depending on where it is,its quality varies :) it is the same red colour..but on different things it gives a different shade :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Many beautiful photo shoots Seeing some pictures gives peace to the mind. This is a post like that. All of your pictures are excellent, perfect for the challenge.....
I pray for your beautiful weekend @oldtimer
good morning,,,,,,,,,,,@oldtimer

red is the symbol of love. you have wonderful red collection. all people love red specially female love red colour. thanks for sharing beautiful collection. @oldtimer U5dsSiLJmbW2o6LvcSSrecouqU12hCf.gif

Amazing shots!!! We do not need to travel far to witness the beauty.The beautiful things are all around us.What we need is only a pair of eyes to see through the ordinary and a great mind to appreciate what we see.

Nice one
I Love flowers

wow! amazing picture

good photography

nice photography @oldtimer
i just joined steemit and post my photography for the first time, please look. thanks :)

I like the theme of red colour, specially the photograph of a red bridge is a winsome, curve of the bridge and its red colour enhance the beauty of the photograph.

All photos are great but I especially love the second one. What plant is this? I don't think we have that here in our country.

I think I like the summer red and the winter red the most! :) I'm a big fan of how dog roses work in photos and I recently shared an autumn version.

The snow and the red fruit picture, and the plastic red carriage picture seems like something out of the movies I mean the shots are amazing, you did a fantastic job with the photography, 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

i cannot see red :/

The variety of red. I remember these pictures. I remember that I offered you to make a brandy tincture of these berries. Then you guessed that I'm from Russia. Ha ha. Well, in any case, in winter it is useful sometimes to drink a tincture to strengthen the immune system. So I still recommend you do this, dear friend!

That’s a beautiful display of the colour Red

Great photos as always. And hey, that's a huge red flower! Nice :)

At the airport leaving to the Galapagos now. Thank you so much for the support you have thrown my way. You know it's so much appreciated. Have a great day! -Dan

Hermosas tus fotos amigo. Gracias por permitirnos conocer parte de tu trabajo. Saludos desde Venezuela

this are some amazing photos where do you find these things

I thing Red colour is symbol of love. I love red colour.

interesting shot on #4!

Undoubtedly the color red is passion, and age in any scenario, beautiful photographs

I'm in love with the flowers, so beautiful!

Though red is not my top favorite color but these pictures looks just awesome. Thanks for sharing with us.