Color Challenge: Yellow Wednesday

in colorchallenge •  last year

Another sunset for a yellow Wednesday! Again taken in my own backyard in Gallup before I moved to Albuquerque. This was taken with a Canon T2i and 50mm lens. This was way back when I was still learning about photography, although I still am to this day. I thought sunsets were already naturally beautiful so it shouldn't be that hard. Man, was I wrong! I don't know how many times I messed up before I got this photo:


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Ohh yeah sunsets can be a challenge indeed and still learning I think is good if you ever think you know everything about something then where is the fun in doing it

Great post: great place and great photographs! What else? ;) @nicolicreer


much appreciated!

Nice work my friend



o wow ..........nice click . looks like a painting. i like it. keep it up. see u soon.
upvoted you.


thank you!


you're welcome...............

Nice post :) i love the 50mm lens


my 2nd favorite focal length after my 35mm Fuji Prime

you did great :))) you've got my follow :)))

Love the silhouettes here.
Sunsets are great to shoot and almost every single one is different (unless it is boring summer and it is all cloudless every day ;P )


It's hard to mess up a good sunset haha


It's true :D