Steemit Color Challenge ; Todays theme color: Indigo.

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Hello guys!!
This is my entry for todays color challenge:


Under The Stars

Captured by: Canon 1300D
Location : Ladakh ,INDIA
Date: 15-06-17

This picture was taken a year back in the deserted place of ladakh using canon 1300D. It was an awesome experience visiting there and having fun on the deserted mountains.
Ladakh is in the state of jammu and kashmir ,INDIA. If love to travel or you are a travel blogger you need to visit this place it has alot for you go and do enjoy.

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Beautiful! I've been focusing more on astro stuff lately. It's just so cold here in Alaska!


Yes i had a visit to your profile and you had some amazing shots there and you are doing a great work with your lenses ,loved you pictures of animals and landscapes .. your pictures are amazing @chaseburnett