ColorChallenge - Monday Red- Strawberry bouquet!!!

in colorchallenge •  6 months ago

   Hello, my dearest friends! I want to share this magnificent bouquet with you, handmade by my friend. It is so beautiful!

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It looks so nice and the love behind it for you from your friend is also seen in the bouquet.

Very beautiful photography.


thank you friend!

Выглядит, ну очень аппетитно.

I love the colours of berries, very beautiful!

Rich strawberries to taste and eat as a family my respects and my support with my vote.

I love the bright red, Very colorful

yummy strawberries! I just filmed a video today on the Healthy Benefits of strawberries. I will be posting it tomorrow. :)

"handmade by my friend it's good idea, I like your blog

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In some cases you've quite recently got the chance to get an apple - or grapes, or strawberries. Something that is sound yet perhaps somewhat more brave, on the off chance that you can consider natural product to be audacious.

Nice photography 💓

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beautiful and very tasty

свежесть и красотища)