Colorchallenge - Thursday Green

in colorchallenge •  4 months ago

  Hello, my dearest friends! 

Here is another bouquet by my friend! You can see how she mixed green and  yellow in it. 

That`s the color combination I would love to see these two remaining weeks! 

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lovely pic

It looks beautiful and delicious)

refreshing photo!!
i like the contrast between the yellow and green


Refreshing photo!!
I like the contrast between
The yellow and green

                 - ykdesign

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Looks fresh and beautiful! I love kiwi fruit and lemon, great combination.

Wow Very beautiful food flower photo📷.

Thank you so much friend

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looks very fresh

Looks very fresh and good for start the day to boost the mood.

Thanks for sharing @nadin3

Melon yang sangat segar

Very nice!!!!

какой освежающий)

Really nice and though it's real pic but it seem like a edit pic and great color combination.


very beautiful combination