📷Color challenge 📷Yellow Wednesday : Museum Sahara

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Hello dear Steemians.
This picture was taken in a museum in Gardaia: A city in the Algerian Sahara. It represents objects and sub-tools used in the daily life of Saharan in the past.
I hope you like it.

U5dt6nGr56J3BnFbc2dZ1oXtYgXCU3X (1).gif


Did you see how many of my posts were flagged? I translated some of scienific Russian articles but I did not know it was plagiarism here. I am not a scientist so I made a translation. Of course I used my own words, synonyms and so on. But nobody warned me and flagged all my posts for 7 days. I am thinking to leave Steemit my friend.

But many Steemians translate parts of French novels into English. My brother does it too and he has been well informed before doing so and he has never been reported. That would be a big loss to the platform if you leave her dear @kristinaljfom. We support you

Don`t write this here and better delete. They wrote that translation even parts of texts was a scam.

I am having the same problem now.

Look like those things are traditional stuff dear friend @mimbel. Nice shot buddy.

Thank you for your support dear @chanthasam

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