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in colorchallenge •  4 months ago

These pictures where taken on my iPhone


I have no idea what this plant is called but I did take a cutting which seems to be doing very well hopefully next year I will have them in my garden



Thanks mike

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This is very well done! Nature is truly amazing in it's beauty


Thank you very much for your reply. Cheers mike

Is beautiful. Callistemon citrinus, also known by the common name of brush tree or red broom, is a shrub of the Myrtaceae family,


Thank you very much for your reply and the information it’s nice to have a name to go with the plant. Cheers mike

Wow, literally this particular stuff is reflecting as decorative peace of nature and the main attraction is the Red colour and in my opinion this stuff also have welcoming essence.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I like your photography thanks for sharing an eye-catching photo which explains the beauty of nature.
I think the name of the plant is Melaleuca viminalis

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