ColorChallenge WednesdayYellow Desert Sun Fusion

in colorchallenge •  6 months ago


This is a large-ish glass fusion I made, Desert Sun Fusion. The coolest thing about this piece is the different glass used and how it's melted in different ways througout the piece. Note how the sparking green is not very melty, but the earth tones are very melty. Some folks didn't like this piece due to the yellows and browns, but I love the way the earth tones melted, the texture and how it looks different in the light. You can zoom in and check it out. Hope you like it too!

I wanted to invite you to see more of my art at my new Instagram

Photo and art is my own.

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wow this is really amazing

Perfect for colorchallenge desert sun fusion you always give us amazing things like that green

it's a great theme ..great to share....

It looks like a delicious candy. In any case, it's beautiful.


ha that's a cool idea @magnata Maybe I can do a dish of candy for candy! Thank you!

a creative shot for the color challenge today awesome post :)

Very nice i like it
That's really great

wow....its great......i impressed to see your post......

A beautiful picture and it was very impressionable. Well done! Thank you @micheletrainer