ColorChallenge ThursdayGreen

in colorchallenge •  4 months ago


I love that glass is liquid like our bodies and the ocean. I've always loved the ocean and I've always loved how glass captures the ocean. Hope you like it too!

I wanted to invite you to see more of my art at my new Instagram

Photo and art is my own.

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fabulous one.
Very nice i like it
That's really great

wow thats great click oceanic liquid cool

A beautiful picture and it was very impressionable. Well done! Thank you @micheletrainer

a creative shot for the color challenge today awesome post :)

Fine work, my friend, and it actually resembles the ocean. Well done! Thank you @micheletrainer

Interesting and a spectacular shot that one is thanks for sharing

These are so beautiful great shot by you dear :) and thanks a ton for sharing it on steemit

Fun job @micheletrainer, with a secret :)