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wow ,i love food.thanks your submit your story


me toooo! :) Food lover! :) Thank you.

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Wwwwwoooow it's so strange, but also interesting... How is it coloured? With algae? With spinach? With food dye?


Hello there sweet creature! thank you for the randowhale! been away for couple of days to celebrate my birthday! weee! i think it was just a food color. haha.. i think it has 5 colors. hahaha.. but it is still delicious!


Celebrating for a couple a days? So you probably got at least 2x more gifts because your birthday took a few days to celebrate?!

Yes, that was a tasty photo :)


two times more of foodtrip! check my last post. ;) its actually a week long celebration. hahaha.. but i gotta work.