Colorchallenge Sunday Purple : Big Wedding Stage

in #colorchallenge3 years ago

This reception stage is unique Rajasthani style stage decor in purple color. It assemble the look of a mansion in which earlier kings and queen used to live. The stage size is about 60' X 30' feet with height 24' feet. The front seating capacity is for 200 guest. Which include 3 rows of white sofa and 7 rows of chairs with red color covers. The both front side corners have stairs to go on stage.

#colorchallenge Sunday Purple : Big Wedding Stage


Different angle view of wedding stage


Wedding Steeming

Footer mehta.gif


Wow !!! That looks awesome 😊😊😊


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I found this post interesting.

Photos really tell great stories, things and cultures,
It is always like paintins that speaks thousand words.

Keep coming...

Thanks for sharing.

big purple weeding stage is a unique style with a perfect them color , great work

Hey, @mehta !!! Nice Post.
I always Expecting such type of Eye-catching post on your blog.

So beautiful the view is that you capture in your Camera. I think the wedding couple is very lucky that they will never forget this Arrangement in their wedding. Such a lovely Design that management set.

Literally marriage is such a huge celebration to us .. This summer is blossom with marriages all over India . Btw loved your decoration ! Warm wishes from my side for the new couple :)

Great post, I like it you photo

Wow ,just wow.
Great work sir.

wow its looking so much aggressive and beautiful looking a temple of a King

Another Rajasthani working on Steemit. All the best buddy. Doing Great.

Wow such a nyc place

That looks amazing! This wedding is like a fairy tale.

nice pict bro

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Wow this is so beautiful @mehta!!!!

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nice photo mehta ji.

your welcome

Wonderful. Harika

Ok. Thanks.

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