Colorchallenge Saturday Indigo : Wedding Reception Dinner

in colorchallenge •  last year 

Look ! these lovely indigo colored reception (dinner) arrangement of wedding function. Complete ambiance is lighten by indigo lights. The square table seating arrangement with different style bouquet in center and long back chairs with cool covers. This wedding was in winter seasons, so heater arrangement is there, so that guest feels comfortable in open environment.

#colorchallenge Saturday Indigo : Wedding Reception Dinner


Some different kind of prop decor in center of the seating arrangement


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Great capture sir.
Great to see one more indian.
Which state do you belong too sir?

Thanks. I am from Rajasthan. and you?

I am from assam sir.
Great to see u.

Ok. I think you attended the @firepower Assam meetup. Hope, it will be great meet-up and you make there lots of friends.

I attended and it was a day spent awesome with them.
Also i hope it will be in your state too.
They are amazing.

I was attended meet-up in Delhi. Waiting for our city meetup. Thanks.

Hope it will be soon.




Absolutely beautiful captures. Loved them so much...literally!!! :)
Decorations at weddings are truly awesome.

Thanks for such a wonderful comment from you. It really encourage me.
Thanks again.

a great place

Thanks @ardiardi2525. Good ! repeated ID ardi 25

sip.terimakasih comrade

Excelente la locación, las mesas super y las iluminación está genial.

The atmosphere of the lighting Really romantic. I like the most recent photos.

Wow the couples that get to be invited to this wedding are going to feel like kings and queens..

Wow ! What a king size comment.

Very awesome.

Please visit my blog and support me dude.

Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks for support. I liked you post.

Thanks a lot, sir.

Wow really nice photography @mehta
I hope you and I growth in future

Thanks for best wishes for both of us.

Great Indigo color theme. Great job and nice clicks!

thanks for wonderful comment.

Really loved the pictures :)
The arrangement is breathtaking.
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a very perfect post. the beauty of the night with a very beautiful and very romantic place,i like it.@mehta

You style of commenting is wonderful.

Environment is looking cool...

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes it looks cool, by use of heater it is hot in feeling.

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Upvoted you post.

very beautiful, is it a wedding party?

Yes, of course.



Looks really nice with that colour. Great shots


Beautiful setup.

Thanks for wonderful comment.

Wow really beautiful pictures is it your photography


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