📷 #ColorChallenge TuesdayOrange "Beautiful Red- Orange Roses "

in colorchallenge •  last month

Hello dear Steemians

Tuesday Is Orange

Here is my contribution to colorchallenge tuesdayorange by @kalemandra.  

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing. 

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Schön abgelichtet 👍

So beautiful roses. I love this color. I love rose so much. Nice pictures.

Beautifully and stunning red in the shot looking wonderful

Rosen sind rot,
Veilchen sind blau,
Ich schenk sie alle,
nur meiner Frau.


I love the fact that the orange is buried and it's deep within that dark red, it's more than beautiful, I'll say awesome shot again

It is very uplifting a great way to start my day I love the color thanks so much.


Thank you very much for your daily visits :-)
You got a visit in return.