📷 #ColorChallenge MondayRed "Awesome Red Flower " By @lichtblick 😊🌹

in colorchallenge •  last year

Hallo liebe Steemians, Hello dear Steemians


Hier ist mein Beitrag zur Farbherausforderung Montagsrot  von @kalemandra.   

Here is my contribution to colorchallenge mondayred by @kalemandra.

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing. 

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Upvoted & RESTEEMED! :)

Very beautiful flower

Da kann sich selbst Ferrari noch eine Scheibe von abschneiden... ;-)


Das ist aber ein sehr lieber Kommentar. Die Blumen waren diese mal auch gar nicht so einfach zu fotografieren wegen dem Gegenlicht und der Lage der Blumen ;-)

Beautiful red flower!


Thank you @pepe.maya :-)

Beautiful! I recommend right clicking and seeing these great photos in full view.

upvoted @roused


Thank you @roused :-) You got a visit in return ;-)

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Was für eine schöne Blume und was für tolle Farben.
Ich staune immer wieder, wie wundervoll unsere Erde ist <3


Da kann ich dir voll zustimmen. Herzlichen Dank für deinen Besuch :-)

Very beautiful lichtblick! Pretty thing to see this morning, I haven't been around because I had open heart surgery Friday morning I'm still in the hospital, when I'm feeling a little better I'll get caught up thanks for sharing your beauty😊


Thank you @cecirod1218. Wish you a good recovery :-)

petals looks so beautiful. All together this flower looks amazingly beautiful.

Nice post with beautiful flowers from @lichtblick
It is amazing and colorful...
Wel done...nice shots without editing...
Superb work...

Wow, nice @litchblick


Thank you @amri :-)

Beautiful flowers mr. @lichtblick


oke...... thank again mr.@lichtblick

Beautiful flowers, beautifully captured!


Thank you very much @dmcamera :-)


You are welcome!

These red flowers are the perfect blend of beauty and symmetry. You captured it beauty very nicely. I love them very much.

Wow....and wow! This is the most beautiful picture of flower ever :D It looks like watermelon! You are so awesome @lichtblick for your skill in photography!

This looks so beautiful! That's such beautiful patterning on the petal parts.
amazing captured thanks for sharing mann

Wow Nice Article Upvote & Follow You
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Look at those beautiful red petals complemented with those alluring white tips.
This is an absolutely stunning flower.
Great Photograph @lichtblick

This is so different and unique !!

Look at the color and the white touch on the edges
Just amazing

Oh my god. Its beutiful. Perfect fhotograpi. Amazing. I like it

It's Awesome! Amazing flower!

Beautiful flowers :D

Lovely shot!