📷 #ColorChallenge Fridayskyblue "Cute Friday Flowers " 📷

in #colorchallenge2 years ago

Hello dear Steemians

Fridays Are Dedicated To Skyblue

Here is my contribution " Cute Flowers " to colorchallenge fridayskyblue by @kalemandra.  

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing.    

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beautiful sky blue flower and surprising presence of white flower.

perfect collection of skyblue,you are a great flower lover man.

Lovely flowers, what a beauty :)

Schöne Aufnahmen🤗 Speziell das letzte Foto 👌😊

There goes my favourite colour Blue and white, this is beautiful @lichtblick!

Beautiful, we call these "forget me not"'s in the UK!

Also v.a. das 3. Bild finde ich wirklich superschön!!!
Das nehme ich im Laufe des Tages mit zu mir rüber!

Danke dir mein Lieber :-)

excellent natural photography.

Wow excellent photography and great work.
Thanks @lichtblick
Have a great day

Blue is my favorite color. What a beautiful way to start the day. You made my morning. Thanks @lichtblick

tnx for upvote

Awesome clicks these are so amazing to see that

Thats very beautiful. I love the white flowers between the blue. Amazing shots, keep it up :)

Nice combination blue and white @hanen , I glad you also spotted that!
Nature is beautiful isn't it?

Yes absolutely :)

@lichtblick sir become fan of yours.. fantabulous photography sir keep it up good work cherrs

Very beautiful flowers, I love it

Wow they do look very beautiful !

its beautiful collection of yellow flower............////////////

Excellent to see this shot so lovely and nice :)

These flower looks very beautiful. Very nice click
thanks for sharing

Fantastic photography
Amazing photography.thanks for the this blog.

Sweet photography

wow this is really amazing

Outstanding post and amazing photos. nice flower...... Thank you for sharing

Thanks for another latest good post flower photography ..

WOW! beautiful Flowers.What is name those flowers?
Great photography.

Excellent flowers

Excellent little sky blue flower, bonus white flower.

Nice photography

So nice to see this stunning shot wonderful photography

my favorite color. What a beautiful way to start the day. You made my morning. Thanks @lichtblick


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