📷 #ColorChallenge FridaySkyBlue "Cute Blinkin Girl Graffiti On 💙 Swirls " By @lichtblick 😊

in colorchallenge •  11 months ago

Hallo liebe Steemians, Hello dear Steemians

Himmelblau am Freitag

Hier ist mein neuster Beitrag zur Farbherausforderung Freitagshimmelblau  von @kalemandra.  


Here is my newest  contribution to colorchallenge fridayskyblue by @kalemandra.    


Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing.  

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@lichtblick I loved the xfiles growing up. Fantastic photos :)##Upvote/Resteem###

"OooH Yeah!"

Die Dame auf dem Graffiti Bild sagt es ja bereits treffend! ;-)

Soeben resteemed - OooH YeaH! :-)


Herzlichsten Dank mein Lieber :-)

What an amazing artist. These guys who do these graffiti are so talented.
Thanks for sharing, I love paintings like this.

Schöne Aufnahme und ein ziemlich cooles Graffiti.

Sehr cooles Graffiti.

Just amazing art work, also outstanding photography. How sweet picture art!

Amazing work. I have never been much of an artist other than having a bit of musical talent, but this hits home with me.

I have wanted to try making my own art with this type of method, as I feel it may be something I have success with. I think it would be a lot of fun.

Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day!

These graffiti is amazing even look at the beautiful walls it was carved on, nice one @lichblick

Hey Licht, I see you're an artlover, just in case you like the style, allow me to share one of my pieces with you...

Danke schön!


Amazing photography.
I appreciate content.
Thanks for sharing this post.
Carry on my dear.

thats amazing entry for #colorchallenge friday. nice piece of arts for today theme skyblue. goid work @lichtblick.

It is very creative drawing.So intelligent work.You have possible to express special minding in your art.I appreciate your art.
Thanks a lot.Carry on your activity


Excellent shoot @lichtblick.

Good luck always, success for the future and beneficial to many people. continue to keep the skil that ands play now, very much liked your post, and very useful for beginners steemians, (new players) then from that. you have to keep everything you have right now. hopefully for his kedapan more successful again

congratulations brother


incredible, natural, and very beautiful photos.
I like it.
yes, I will follow my brother @lichtblick.

nice work.

Awesome one again!

good post, I like your post ..

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Either you are a graffiti fan or your country is full of artists !! :p

Nice pictures !


Sieht richtig gut aus!👌🏼

Wow!!!!!wonderful art.amazing this photography....i like this post....

nice winky girl with sky blue challenge.

this post very nice..and great photography...i appreciate your contest..carry on my friend!!!!!!!!!!


this is wonderful wowwwwww
awesome i am feeling energetic after seeing it :D

terrable image at all

Artist Bravo )) I like painting walls in interiors))