Color Challenge Friday Sky Blue Arizona

I recently returned from south eastern Arizona. It was a fantastic trip. I love the open skies there. My bird self awakens. The endless skyline, forever flat, then stark craggy mountains of caliche and giant Saguaros towering about is breathtaking!
20200214_173524 3.jpg
@kimmysomelove42 Gates Pass, Tucson, AZ

20200214_172841 2.jpg
@kimmysomelove42 Gates Pass, Tuscon, AZ
20200219_123144 2.jpg
@kimmysomelove42 Windspirit Community

Friends mentioned December was super rainy, which is well over due anytime of the year. The Sonora gets an average of 11 inches total a year where I was visiting. The wettest place on Earth, I believe is Hilo, Hawaii. Receiving 555 " of rain a year. Quite a contrast of climates.

20200220_145226 2.jpg
@kimmysomelove42 road to Middle Earth

20200220_145212 2.jpg
@kimmysomelove42 Road to Middle Earth

The deep December rains, will surely bring a brilliant poppy flower show.

During my stay north of Tucson, the poppies were just starting to pop. This is what California Poppies look like

Once the yellow poppy blooms cover the mountain sides, then the the fuchsia flowers of the hedge hog will accent next, usually mid March. If you have never spent time in the Sonoran desert I highly recommend it in the Spring time.


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