Colorchallenge Friday blue. The fog is blue and a glimpse of sunligth.

in colorchallenge •  2 months ago

Early morning by a river.

For some days ago I was on a drive north, an early foggy morning. Some places in the mountains there was fog. I noticed different colors at the fog, thick and grey either more thin and blue. The sun is not so far behind, last picture the sun shine.






An early morning in the north of norway.
Thank you for passing by, have a nice weekend


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Great captures @karja
The change of nature is very much clear in your photography.
The first picture is quite dark but it’s good to see with blue color background. Then the pictures are getting light slowly and finally the last picture showing the light of sun. Really dreamy environment. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you @dindar for commenting, happy you like my foggy pictures :)


You are most welcome friend:)

Hi friend, nice to meet you
thank you for your visit,
I love those special moments you've captured


Hello @txatxy and thanks for commenting :)

Beautiful view!


🙂 Thanks vanda for commenting :)

Wow buddy they are indeed amazing and lovely shots

They do look like paintings :)

The reflection on the water was indeed much more beautiful to look in the image. Very nicely taken shots buddy.


Thanks my friend Rehan for nice comments :)

Norway is really beautiful, and you captured fog really nicely. Looking forward to more posts like these. Awesome


Thank you Tushar for visiting my post and for nice comments :)


Welcome sir, Thanks for kind words.