Colorchallenge Wednesday: Yellow

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Dear steemians. @kamchore again with an other color challenge post.
#colorchallenge day by day posts started by @kalemandra It's a nice way to share your surroundings with your fellow steemians. All you need to share some thing like flowers, artwork or household around your surroundings and share it with your fellow steemians. For this purpose you need a cell phone and offcourse some object to capture.
Today is wednesday & Wednesday color challenge is Yellow. Here is my entry for Today's challenge

This is apple cider vinegar. One of the important ingredients we use in routine life.

Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for health. It is effective to reduce cholesterol level, weight reduction, helps to lower sugar level in blood, dandruff treatment, minimize the risk of caner and many other health benefits. People mostly use apple cider vinegar in salad. Some people use apple cider vinegar to rinse their hair. It not only remove dandruff but also give shine to your hairs.
Dear steemians Do you use Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet? Do you thing it's effective to use. I would love to listen your point of view in comment sections.
Have a nice time

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