ColorChallenge - FridaySkyBlue - Insignificant beauty

in #colorchallenge6 years ago

Dear Steemies, today is blue, FridaySkyBlue!
This is a very-very tiny flower, with a diameter of only 2-3 mm. Taken with my Panasonic FZ82 + Raynox macro lens.

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Oh, that's great! :) Have a good day!

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Thank you, will check it out!

Blue is a beautify color
Lovely flower

I would like to participate in. How i can to that? Must a photo done today or from archive is ok too?

It's easy! Post your original pictures day by day. Archive is OK, but better if your picture is new. Use the tag #colorchallenge and the daily tags.

  • MondayRed
  • TuesdayOrange
  • WednesdayYellow
  • ThursdayGreen
  • FridaySkyblue
  • SaturdayIndigo
  • SundayPurple

There is no reward, this is only for fun. But if you post something very special, you can get a big upvote and resteem!

A perfect photo

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