📷#ColorChallenge - Saturday Indigo

in colorchallenge •  11 months ago  (edited)

Hi Friends. How r u all? I hope all Doing well. Once again welcome all on my Blog.

So, Today is Indigo Day in #colorchallenge and here is my entry for #colorchallenge Friday Skyblue. #colorchallenge is a contest initiated by @kalemandra.

Pack 1 Flower 49.jpg

Pack 1 Flower 50.jpg

Pack 1 Flower 71.JPG



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Beautiful photography

Are these photos are taken by you cuz they are amazing.

Perfect click once again. Keep it up bro

Your all click is very good

your picture is really good

@josh92 you are providing nice picture for colorchallenge.

what is the name of flower ?

nicer capture really i like a flower
looks good

@josh92 you are a great photographer. These picture defines your class.. hoping that you will win colorchallenge.

@josh92 Wow such a beautiful...you click amazing photos! Keep it up Bruh!!

Indigo is a beautiful color in itself, which hardly many of us can actually recognize. We confuse it with purple or other shades of it.. nice photography mate.

@josh92 i have a question i alsonlove photography and i want to buy a dslr tell me a good dslr around 50k?

Beautiful picture @josh92 . You took great pictures

how does this challenge works?? seeing from so many days this...

Sorry bro @josh92 but i dont find any pic with indigo color in it. Indigo color is #skyblue not purple

nice pics are these flowers are from your house?

Really i find it very beautiful

It's beautiful collection of flowers.

Amazing ..clicks .bro doing good job keep it up

@josh92 nice pics my friend

@josh92 Superb photography bro... But I think it is purple color..

awesome pictures

@Josh92 it really a good GIF

Beautiful photographs you clicked their. Wish you success on steemit ❤️❤️

Must say you are good with camera.