Green Thursday - Dark Boho Bridal

On this rainy Green Thursday I have a rainy photoshoot to share. We planned this thing for at least a month, and come shoot day, rain started as soon as set up was complete! We were deep in the Henry Cowell Redwoods in the Santa Cruz, California mountains. With the dense canopy of trees and storm, it became so dark I was using settings in camera that I usually use at night! I scrambled to grab a few shots to show everyone's hard work but the rain was really coming down!







Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

See, I told you to get a posting...joleenwillis so hot right now!

Not as hot as @chriskautzer with chops


very beautiful, this amazing picture that @jhoni likes, thank you for sharing. @jeleenwillis

Thank you @jhoni! You always have the best compliments!

Wow, this is such a beautiful place! The pictures left me speechless! ❤️

That's a very beautiful capture my buddy 👍

Thank you so much for checking it out!

No worries friend 👌 😎✌️⚡♨️⚡⚡

Cool !! Precious post !

Was this a real wedding??? This bride's gown is gorgeous as is the bouquet. The set up is unusual and natural - I like it a lot.

Nice shots @joleenwillis :)

Hi Country Girl! No, not a real wedding and honestly it's a good thing- our poor "bride" would have had a real rough go of it if it had been a real wedding. For all the time spent setting up, which was a couple hours, I think our bride was outside for about 15 minutes!

Amazing photos. What nice soft light! Resteemed!

Thank you so much for sharing!

awesome idea! And the one with the couch looks really trippy.
Have you used a manual/vintage lens on the second shot (bouquet) ?

Thank you! Not a vintage lens but i can remember I was shooting with a 50mm and pretty wide open, like f2.

I love nature photos, especially big trees.

Boy, the size of those tree trunks make it look the the couch is 9 inches across. lol Rain or not, I like this set a lot.

Thanks Adam! We got to do some redwood hopping when you and Kylene come to visit!

Gorgeous photos! I saw 'green' and was expecting a brighter color (probably because the previous submission I was looking at was a bright green leaf!) but these photos are absolutely stunning. So soft, yet bold!

wow amazing post and stunning photoshoot
thanks for sharing @joleenwillis

I am happy to see, read and enjoy your post amazingly innovative. Thanks for sharing.

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