Color Challenge Thursday Green

Sam and Zack on their engagement session, laying in the most luscious spot of green clover.



happy friend, beautiful colorchallange, amazing, perfect style @joleenwilis

Thank you so much! We were lucky with such perfect clover!

Beautiful. Here is an upvote for You. Your content is also good, so I will follow You. If You want to have more upovetes, please follow me @szudaj as well and check my posts. I'm pretty sure You will like it!

Thank you for your kind words!

Awesome capture!!

Oh wow! This is really beautiful... the couple must be super rapt with this one! Well done!

Thank you! I think it was one of their favorites. I had to give them a little pep talk to get them to lie in it so I'm glad they ended up liking it haha

Joleen I found out that it does "cost you" to upvote.

I'm not an expert

We're all learning

Great shot! Love it when couples aren't afraid to get down and dirty!

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