Salutations! JaiChai here.

Nice post. I like the image (I had an uncle that's a spitting image).

BTW, your in my last article:

Namaste, my friend.


This has all of the features I've wished Steemit has had! Thank you for your post and for leading me to this platform!

ha ha

Cool! I'll check it out!

Since I tend to be "upvote crazy" often, I like's slider.

The wallet function is much faster to load (unfortunately, you can't access the market with it - yet).

And if you post here with the "busy" tag , sooner or later they get around to upvoting your post (I think twice a day?).



So, I can use the voting slider on busy? I didn't notice that yet.
Do you post from steemit and tag busy? I just posted on busy to try it out.

Post from (the topics window is the same as the tag window in Steemit).

And yes, everyone - no matter how little SP they have can use the slider for upvoting.



Yay! I'm so glad you found this and shared it. :-)
Thank you!