GREEN Non-automated BANK

in colorchallenge •  last year  (edited)

Hi steemians!
I want you to meet my nonliving pet my "rabbit bank".... my home based and non automated bank. It's just made with colored green plastic.

Yeah! Its not living but this kind of pet is needing its food too. Hahaha I'm feeding it a coin hahaha


Not a machine, no need to have your ATM CARD to get money inside of it. Anytime you can drop your coin to feed this kind of pet.



Hope you like my color challenge's entry for today.

Thank you so much for visit.
Hope you'll like it. 😊

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It seems a reliable bank, very low commissions.

Your bank will be mentioned in our 5 edition of curation.

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens).
You can read about these special tokens Here!!!


Thank you so much @teardrops

I'm looking forward for that Sir. thanks again :)


Hello, You can look the edition # 5, where you are mentioned here


Hi, i just visit your blog for the 5th edition and WOw! It is real, I saw my name included.
THANK YOU SO MUCH @teardrops 😊😊