📷#ColorChallenge WednesdayYellow 'One Sliced Lemon' By @janusface

in colorchallenge •  8 months ago


After some taxing sarcoma diagnostics, my neurons were fried, and I decided to get some relief by enjoying 15 Fine de Claire no-3 and a glass of Italian white wine at Litteraturhuset just 200ish meters from where I live. Fine de Claire is still my favorite. Tsarkaya is a little too sweet for mine​​. Oysters should taste​ raw and untamed ocean.
Anyway, I am bullish on Steem at the moment. I could be wrong, but I have not heard or seen any valid counter-argument yet. Hope you enjoy the Sun too, my Steemit-friends! Peace out:)

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Love oysters. I always need beer to wash them down though.

I love 'm but last two times ( in Bretagne and Italy) things wnet nasty. So I am not trying anymore. I powered up with cash to steem last weekend via BTC and BCH . I have BCH still and all are doing great. Talks are there will be a REGULATED US ETF for crypto soon.


Good choice to power up, but I would not trust a Regulated US ETF Crypto that much imo.


Etf is An exchange traded fund investing in BTC ethereum etc.

Bon Appetit!

When eating oysters, we should be careful as it can cause high uric acid levels. Although they are very good to take care of our circulatory system, and prevent diseases.

Oysters and wine. A delicious combination. Only need a better-half or a candidate to be...


Sure, but then I only get half of the oysters:)

OMG!!!! I love oysters!!!

I even have a post about it...



Female and oyster-lover. Fantastic! Then we are gonna get married for sure:)


hahahaha! who knows... one day!

excellent post..and share your sentiments...thanks for your support as well..you'll see I believe I've been quite accurate...thnx.. (and be well).

Nice place to gotta take both contribution @janusface. But I don't like to taste oysters. If there had octopus I definitely join with you :D
Hope steem continuous bounce. Nice colorchallenge image.

@janusface, Such a fabulous food and beverage combination. Oysters and Italian wine wanna great choices you selected.

Enjoy the bull race and keep Steeming🤩🤩

Here are my yellow wild date Berries 😃😃


I liked the designs of the lemons I suppose .

Taking some time off does indeed feels good I suppose !

posts that I really like my friends.

the orange made well suited yellow color for the color challenge @janusface

reteemed & upvoted

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Looking delicious

That's such an interesting shot for the color challenge nice one thanks for sharing have a great day ahead