Color Challenge - Sunday - Purple: Mystical sunset and those dramatic clouds 😍 🔮

in colorchallenge •  10 months ago

“Well this is perfect”, I said – the minute I saw this sunset, while I jumped out of my office to run outside to snap a photo of this mystical sunset and those dramatic clouds.

Probably the biggest cliche in photography..

Sunset moments like these in London happen so rarely though. It feels like someone switched on the lights and just when you're about to get used to the colours, they switch the lights off again.

Did you know, that the colour purple is associated with passion, fulfilment, and vitality? And exactly all that summed up my day. Something very special happened for me. But I can't give away much, because I don't want to jinx anything 🤩 I just stood there admiring this sunset, acknowledging how it ended a good day.

This is my Color Challenge entry for Purple Sunday 😊

@itsnicoletv 💋



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What a perfect shot! I hope I could take good photos like that and post it here on :)


Sure you can! 👌🏻

Nice photography... Thanks for making video also video gave a clear view of the nature... Keep steeming!!

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