What Bike is This? : Color Challenge : Sunday Purple

in colorchallenge •  4 months ago


Found this vintage bike lying around in the parking at my in-law's society.

Anyone knows what Bike this is? 🛵

Looks like a very old Triumph. But not sure.
0.5 SBD to anyone who can tell me what Bike this is with proof :)

Also, trying @steepshot after a long time.
Took this pic with my Redmi Note 5 pro and edited with Lightroom for Android.

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot IPFS IOS Android Web
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that bike looks like its missing a bunch of parts and frame


Yeah it is! Its been lying there form god knows when. Its fit to be hung as a show piece :p

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@hardikv not sure which bike is this but looks cool

hello bro your post bike name is colled by royal


You sure?

cool bike

amazing Bike with an outstanding color:)

Amazing bike bro... nice look

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Seems it is demo bike.