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in colorchallenge •  last year

Hello Steemians, this is my submission for today #colorchallenge #mondayred.

I hope you like it.

Today i found #strawberry stall in front of my university gate.
I got quick idea to get #nutrients, #vitamins, and #minerals from this delicious #fruit called #strawberry.
I bought some and enjoyed.

Cam Galaxy S7

Best of luck for today.
GOD bless you.

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Nice post @hammadi :)
A friendly advise, change your rewards to Default 50%/50% instead of Power Up 100% .. You can earn much more STEEM than you usually do :) and SBD as well :) .. Keep steeming bro! :) God bless you. :)


hello my dear friend i am thankful to you for giving me tip, i really need to correct it. We need cooperative steemians to make steemit more effective like you. Best of luck 😊 God bless you 😇


You're always welcome my friend. :) I agree :) God bless us all. :)

Beautiful creation of nature and one of my favorite fruits. Great pics.

congratulations excellent post, I loved the photos and also the fruit the strawberry is one of my favorites, they look super delicious and delicious. I hope you can also follow me @camilatogo18

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