Photo by: @goldwin using Iphone5s

A flower in our grandmothers house, her past time/hobby everyday, taking care of all the flowers in the backyard, always water them, cultivate each pot, cutting dead leaves or stem and everything you know about gardening. She is really passionate about plants. 💐🌷🌹🌺🌼🌸🌿

Just got a shot of one of her favorite, I don’t know the name but it stand out among other floural plants in her garden. Thanks to my grandma 👵🏻!


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It is a lovely flowering plant. My Gran had a yard full of flowers too. My favorite of her flowering plants was probably the climbing red rose that wound its way up into the trees. Coming up the street to her house, when the roses were in bloom, the tree was full of bright red blooms.

I think they will be best of friends! Thanks for sharing your grandma’s story too @momzillanc 🙂