Red Ferrari Color Challenge Win 0.3 steem.

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Hello steemit community I want to share with you my favorite color & car.

This Red Color Ferrari.

Also I have decided to create.

Color Challenge.

For all steem users.

Very Simple Read & View.

This Post Till The End.

Simply Post Two Red Color Objects Photographs.

In The Comment Section Below This Post.

Red Color Ferrari & Red Rose’s Is My Choice.

Choose Any Other Objects With My Red Color.

Win 0.3steem.



I really wish every car had this led lights.


Red Color Ferrari 488 GTB
MSRP: From $252,800


Drop The Top Fast.

Get On The Road Fast.


Horsepower: 660 hp
Fuel tank capacity: 20.6 gal
Engine: 3.9 L V8
Curb weight: 3,252 lbs


Please comment upvote resteem.

To support this color challenge.

Thank you.





All of the red glorious car are making branding, so it's positive way to find ferrari model scrap

Good information you have shared I like this color anyway

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Thank u

What about this Red Strawberry?

Picture taken in a farm at North shore - New Zealand 🍓🍓🍓


That is damn COOL rocks! Shit I want one of those! Thanks!



wow super gorgeous color and superb looking car :)

Cool color challenge tnx for sharing


That is damn COOL rocks! Thanks!All of the red glorious car are making branding, so it's positive way to find ferrari model scrap.Good information you have shared. I want one of those!

This is like the best article on steemit, I'm just in love with it😍😍😍

Nice car, love the colour, wish I had one.

Red roses are more vibrant and fresh by the way ;)

I have BMW and i like it and East and West you are the best my frnd

I like how this ferrari has been photographed.


Parque Nacional Natural Tinigua, posee los colores mas bellos de la naturaleza

Wow wonderful I love Ferrari thanks @gclipse to share this beautiful post vote by me thanks

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At the last day of this post you will receive 0.3 steem tnx for sharing it

IMG_0514.JPG My husband reading Richard Branson's book at dinner - red cover sleeve


Red Building Mexico City - enjoy

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Il Cavallino Rampante!!!
Beautifull Ferrari, a dream. Thanks for sharing, greetings.

This is a beautiful car

This car and the colour like my boss car. Really beautiful in red

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Almost red okay?

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