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Hey all you BLUE lovers! So this blue sky happened to me last week while on vacation...sweet catamaran sail down on the east coast of sunny Florida. Yes, that's me in the photo - more of a 'sailfie' than a 'selfie' that I took with my iphone6+.


This week got SO warm here in NJ it was as if I was back in florida- I think it hit 79 degrees! It really made we want to go clean up the gardens and start pruning some shrubs and trees.

GARDENING TIP #1: Even on a sunny day in February, it is TOO early for the garden clean-up here in growing Zone 6B. Just wait it out. mid- to end-March will be just fine for the clean up.

GARDENING TIP #2: But it IS OKAY to start pruning shrubs and trees - the ones that DO NOT flower in the spring. So go ahead and give a nice deep haircut to your hollies, boxwoods, junipers. They can take it. Especially Boxwoods- they start to push out new growth early, so to do a deep hard prune now is important.

Let me know if you have any questions! I'm happy to help.

Happy weekend all. Here's to sunnier, warmer weather!

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Thanks for sharing this blue sky it really inspire to fly, if not physically at least we can push our dreams to fly. I am not an pro in gardening but my parents into gardening and they really enjoy it and sometimes i help them into Watering to plants. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Stay Blessed.


watering the plants is a good start :-)


Thank you. ☺

What a wonderful shot and so nice to see you after a very long time :D missed your post's


aww, thanks blazing. It's not the height of the season here, so I just haven't been posting much - just checking in now and then. Maybe with the onset of the season I'll have more to post about.

thanks for that special gardening tip it was useful and a nice shot great to see your post :) seem like it was a long vacation enjoy


well, it was just a week's vacation - I enjoyed every minute!

Cool shot for the color challenge and a great welcome post after a long from the vacay :)


thanks starboye!

An amazing shots its so nice to see wonderful to look !!


nothing like a gorgeous blue sky!

well you seems to be enjoying taking the SAILFiE ;)

Great photography @gardenlady. The warm atmosphere you described is clearly visible in the picture. I am sure , i will be able to follow the gardening tips also.


Let me know how it goes or if you have questions along the way:-)

Wow! That is warm for this time of year. Thank you for the gardening tips. It is so tempting to go out and start the spring cleaning when we get the warm spurts. I also love my gardens so I will be following.