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Entrance to Colonia Tovar

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Arriving at the Colonia Tovar this florist Tovar, there are a variety of flowers, arriving very early is the key to making a good selection and have a good purchase.

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Cargando Flores

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There are always those who help to buy and select these beautiful flowers.

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I invite you to get to know this part of the Miranda State, so if you want a good bouquet of flowers at wholesale price they do not forget to go to this site.

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Very nice...maybe I will visit that place in the near future..

It would be great to come to visit, in this place there are many interesting things, for example La Colonia Tovar was formed by a group of German immigrants who came to Venezuela on April 8, 1843

What remains of immigrants from Germany who live there now? Maybe their grandchildren


Que linda producción de flores en nuestra Colonia Tovar. A mi también me encantan las flores, pero principalmente las plantas silvestres (eso porque soy botánica). Saludos

Buen día como estas, gracias por el comentario, si las flores tienen el poder de sensibilizar además de contar con olores agradables, estaré pendiente a tus publicaciones y tratare de darte mi apoyo, éxitos en esta gran familia