📷 #ColorChallenge - Sunday Purple

in #colorchallenge6 years ago

Hello dear Steemians!

This is my #ColorChallenge submission for Sunday Purple, contest initiated by @kalemandra.

20180506_142832 Kopie.jpg

I captured this photo with my smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 and hope you enjoy it!

banner cc.gif


Nice photo

lovely photo

nice photos of these beautiful pink flowers where was this taken?

thank you very much. germany

I like this photo!

A beautiful photograph. The color of the flower is spectacular.
Flowers are a gift of nature for us to enjoy every day, and when we capture them in photographs we bring that precious gift to thousands of people around the world. I congratulate him for such a beautiful and rough hobby that he continues to give away his talent for the enjoyment of all of us who have the opportunity to see his publications. Thank you.

Great photo. UP4YOU :)

amazing flower 🌺 photography!

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Giving a great feeling.. Like i am enjoying a nice day in a lovely forest with these beautiful flowers..

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