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     This is a glass gator I have. It's murano glass. Used to have an awesome octopus too but sold it. Anyways, since the color challenge today was orange I thought of this. People have seemed to like it since I got it a while back. So, want to share it with steemit now too. Looks simple enough for a glass artist to even recreate something similar. However, I shouldn't guess since I don't know the creation process for something like this.

     I typically have it on a blue towel like cloth. Make it look like it's sitting in or swimming through water.

     The problem with having it on the blue cloth when taking the pictures was the colors didn't show close to natural. Pretty much made the orange all come through as yellow.

     Not sure what the process is but the way they made the mouth, eyes, and indention's along the back / sides is simple and nice. 

     What typically catches my eye is when things are close to natural. I love people's interpretations of nature in it's purest form. Not exaggerated or cartoon like. Not saying I don't like those because I like all. Just saying if I get something It's almost always more natural looking. 

     Thank you for stopping by. 


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