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RE: 📷 Carrot+Tomato Soup🥣In the Orange🍊Coloured Soup Pot🥘 Just took me by surprise, When I realised Its TUESDAY ORANGE🍊 !!! Hola! 😊Enjoy Watching👍!

in #colorchallenge4 years ago

I have never heard of this soup before!! But, the presentation looks so wonderful, especially on TuesdayOrange that I want to look it up and see how to make it!

Thank you for sharing!


Hello Gorgeous!!! :) @dswigle
Alright!, It just so happens that tomatoes are acidic in nature and my sister innovated this soup by adding the carrot puree to the tomatoes, as a result their seems to be a balance between being way to acidic with all the tomatoes and also being alkaline with the presence of carrots and perhaps is more smooth in texture and more appetizing and more filling!!! Yeahhhh !!! :)
Try it out and lemme know, if you also liked it !

Lots of Love!

Don't you worry!! I really will! What is on top that makes the fancy design? It adds just the right touch of elegance!

I appreciate you sharing this yummy looking dish! Thank you!

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