ColorChallenge - Wednesday Yellow - Gold

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Portrait photography, original content. Sometimes sun set's golden light.
Old portrait I took in 2008 but I find it fitting in the theme of todays contest. One of the first photos with my first prime lense (back in the day).


CategoryPortrait photography
SettingsISO 100 85mm f/1,8
CameraNikon D80


What a beautiful photo. The light is stunning! Reading the comments about how you achieved it it shows you know what you're doing!

If you hadn't used filters and an umbrella what would have been the difference do you think?

Thanks! Aa yes, without frontal light source the model would have been a near black silhouette :) The sunlight would have been too much for the camera so now it's almost like showing a flashlight to the darkenss :D

Very clever! :-)

Nice! I like the rear lighting and glow. Did you use a flash or a reflector to get that fill light?

Thanks! Yes I forgot to mention in the description. I used Nikon sb-600 flash through an white umbrella. I think I used free Lee filter samples on top of flash head to match the colour temperature. sb-600 was controlled via camera bodys internal flash in ir light I think.

Wohoo, just a pure love this picture, great view behing, love the art ... thanks

Thank you a lot for your kind words!

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Thanks! :)

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Verry nice picture . So sweet.

Thank you!

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