Colorchallenge - Wednesday Yellow - Sunset through the rain

in colorchallenge •  2 years ago

This is my contribution to the Color Challenge: Wednesday Yellow.

The images were taken a last week from my living room window.

There had been quite a lot of rain (typical for Ireland...) which had left a lot of rain drops on the window. As I zoomed in on the sunset through the trees, the color kept changing to the yellow in the images and the rain drops were giving a nice blurred yellow effect.

Taken with a Samsung Galaxy S7 (these images were taken straight from my phone and haven't been edited and there were no filters used)

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Such a gorgeous yellow picture. Great contribution to the color challenge! 😌


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Congrats @dpol, Your photo made it on the Top Photographs Daily Selection today :) Upvoted and Resteemd!


Wow, i'm honored. Thank You!

It's cool how you can use your phone to take pictures and no filters applied. Thank you for sharing! Cool shots!


Thanks for commenting!