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RE: Color Challenge Friday SkyBlue 💧Blue, with a touch of red

You are such a great photographer. Is it your profession?

Your photos are always so sharp and the detail is amazing. I don't know how many photos you take to get a shot like this but I would wish to be able to take just one that would be close to the quality that you're showing us :)


Thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate it. 🤗
If I'm a pro protograph, you mean, If I make a living from it... still have a job, 🍀 but working on my dreams.
For how many photos, do I make to get, the “one”😊
Shor answer : Until I get the shot 👊
If you see my profile, you can see I’m not using a $$$ camera and sometimes a 70$ minolta macro 50mm... So it’s all about, how much do you really whant it! 🤗✌️

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