Colorchallenge Tuesday Orange: Color Us Orange

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Hello steemians,
How are you doing today?
It's another Tuesday Orange here on steemit colorchallenge photography.


On a beautiful Thursday morning, what we started four years ago came to its partial end as we wrote our last exam.
It is God, has been God and will still be God who has kept us all from the traps of the enemies.
We never loss anyone from start to finish.
Looking at our faces, joy and happiness took this very moment as we're dressed in our very attire for the last paper.
We specifically chose orange as the major colour with combination of black and white.
To my God and creator, may all glory be to your name.
Coming to University of Uyo (UNIUYO), Nigeria is not a mistake.
This is my contribution to today's challenge.
Daily Colorchallenge Topics
Monday is Red
Tuesday is Orange
Wednesday is Yellow
Thursday is Green
Friday is Sky-blue
Saturday is Indigo
Sunday is Purple
Any steemian can be part of this photo challenge by having its own photos and using the first tag as colorchallenge.
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